Recupel vzw organises the collection and processing of discarded electro-appliances in Belgium.
Tonnage recycled
Processed in 2016

The legal obligation

The legislation stipulates that each manufacturer that ‘brings an electro-appliance onto the Belgian market’ is also in charge of the collection and processing of the discarded appliances.

As a manufacturer of electro-appliances, you are responsible for taking back the discarded appliances at the end of their lifecycle, and you must oversee the recycling processing. What does this mean in practice? If you manufacture or assemble appliances, you are obliged to fulfil your take-back obligation.

We can handle your take-back obligation. It’s simple: affiliating with Recupel in accordance with the category of appliances that you import is all that is required.

If you would like more information about this, please contact us at 0800 40 386 (free of charge) or via the online contact form.

If you manufacture appliances and you do not have an affiliation agreement with Recupel, then you must submit an individual waste management plan to the authorities of the three regions (see Affiliation).

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