Are you buying a new appliance? The store takes your old one back!

An easy way to get your old electro-appliance off your hands? Just bring it in to the store where you’re buying a new one.

Every store that puts an electrical or electronic appliance on the Belgian market also has to collect and process these appliances when they are discarded. That is required by law.

Do you have such an appliance to be discarded? Then you can drop it off in the store where you are buying a similar new one. The brand of the appliances doesn’t play a role. And the original place of purchase isn´t important, either.

Do you prefer to have a new deepfreeze delivered to your home? In that case, the retailer is also obliged to take your old deepfreeze back to the store.

Exception: autonomous smoke alarms are only collected via the container park.

Were you not planning to buy something new? Don´t worry, there’s more than one way for you to properly discard your old electro-appliances.