Call for candidates contractors

Call for candidates contractors:

• to collect WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) on a finely meshed base or a super finely meshed base, to sort it in fractions and to prepare it for bulk transport,

• to collect and to transport WEEE in bulk,

• to de-pollute and to process WEEE.

Recupel vzw/asbl is a Belgian non profit organisation, which organises and coordinates the implementation of the WEEE take back obligation in Belgium since 1st July 2001. Its mission includes, among other, the collection of WEEE at collection points and the de-pollution and the processing (including the valorisation, the recycling and the removal) of WEEE in an environmentally friendly and a cost effective way.

This call concerns five separate assignments:

•Finely meshed base collection of WEEE (with the exception of lamps and smoke detectors), sorting it in fractions and preparing it for bulk transport (service area = each province),

•Finely meshed base collection and transfer of lamps and smoke detectors (service area = the Belgian territory),

•Super finely meshed base collection (Small WEEE and Lamps at RecyclePoints ; One-time Collections of WEEE with the exception of Lamps), sorting it in fractions and preparing it for bulk transport (service area = the Belgian territory),

•Collection of WEEE in bulk and transport to the processing companies,

•De-pollution and processing (including valorisation, recycling and removal) of WEEE.

Recupel appeals to candidates who can provide these services on a contractual basis as of 1st July 2018.

The applications must be in possession of Recupel at the latest on 12 January 2018 at 5pm. They are either submitted by registered letter, or delivered to Recupel against receipt.

The application can relate to one or more of the aforementioned assignments. Candidates found suitable will receive the specifications in order to prepare an offer.