Find a use for those rusty old tools

Huh, really?

Do you realise what valuable materials your tools contain? They’re all precious raw materials that can be reused. 

It really matters

What kind of tools are we talking about? It’s simple: anything with a plug and a cable is an electrical tool or garden tool.

  • electrical lawn mower
  • wood chipper
  • hedge trimmer 
  • steam cleaner
  • and so on.

As well as all those electrical tools that every DIY fan has in the shed:

  • drill
  • compressor
  • plane
  • sander
  • welder
  • grinder
  • electric saw
  • and so on.

Here’s a tip if you can’t sleep: count all the unused tools in Belgium.

Electric saws: more than 340,000 Sanders: 780,000. Hedge trimmers: 480,000. Drills: another half million... It’s incredible how many devices are dreaming of a new life after recycling! All the homes in the country actually form one big urban mine.

Want to help us? Thank you! That little effort from you makes all the difference. 


Listen up, Belgians: we own at least 2 million electrical garden tools that we never use!