What are fittings?

Simply put, a fitting is a structure with an electric power supply (usually a cord) in which a bulb is fitted. So, it’s actually an electro-appliance. And because these appliances contain reusable and rare materials, recuperating the materials through recycling saves us from always obtaining them via polluting mining activity.

Recupel removes the hazardous materials and recycles 90% of the other materials − such as plastic, iron, copper and other metals − that serve as the basis for new products. For example: maybe a piece of your old bulb fitting will have a new life as the raw material for a deep fryer!


Where to go?

1. Is the fitting broken?

To the recycling centre

At the recycling centre, never throw fittings in with the scrap metal in a metal container or another container. Take them to the Recupel hut with the other electro-appliances. It’s totally free of charge!

Tip: do not cut off the cord or dismantle the fitting, but keep everything nicely intact - this prevents any loss of materials.

Here you can find recycling centres in your area.

Or to the store

When buying a new fitting, you may also leave the old fittings in the store.

For fittings smaller than 25 cm, you are also always welcome in stores that are RecyclePoints: here, you don’t have to buy a new fitting, and you can discard your old fittings for free.

2. Does the fitting still work?

To the shop specialised in recycled goods

Frequently, when moving house or renovating, for example, an old fitting no longer fits in the new interior. Or, what do you do with fittings that you inherit? Usually, there’s no place for them in your house, although they still work properly. Take them to the shop specialised in recycled goods. Someone is always looking for a good bargain.

Here you can find shops specialised in recycled goods in your area.