Give your old mobile or smartphone a new lease of life.

Recycle your phone – everyone’s happy!

    1. You’re relieved to get rid of stuff that was cluttering up your home.
    2. You make nature happy, because an old smartphone contains valuable materials that can be used to make new electronic devices.

    So the message is: when you buy a new iPhone, Android or another smartphone, don’t just leave your old one lying around. And whatever you do, don’t throw it in the rubbish bin.

If your phone could talk, it would beg you to recycle it!
Addicted to your smartphone? When it breaks, you don’t need it anymore. It’s time to say goodbye.

3 extra recycling tips

Your new smartphone replaces all kinds of older devices that somebody else might like. If not, you can still recycle them.

  1. Do you always use your smartphone to take photos and videos? Thank your old camera for its loyal service and give it away.
  2. For many people, apps are the new games. Time to get rid of that old games console? The second-hand shop will welcome you with open arms!
  3. Don’t forget to recycle accessories such as earbuds or headphones, cables and chargers. They’re recyclable electronics too! As small as they are, they are full of precious materials.

Help bring the world a step closer to a circular, sustainable society in which no more raw materials are ever lost. Thank you!

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