Got an old TV? So many reasons to recycle it!

Recycle your old TV: three reasons to take action now!

    1. Declutter your home. Those clunky old TV sets are ugly and just get in the way.
    2. Recycling is a gift to nature. Almost 100% of the metals we retrieve from TV sets are recycled. And we retrieve and reuse more than 90% of the plastics from the screen.
    3. All these materials can be reused instead of extracting new materials from mines that pollute the environment. And that’s important, because the planet’s supply of raw materials is being depleted. So let’s go for a circular, sustainable society!
Hopefully your old TV set won’t give up the ghost right in the middle of the cup final. Did you know we recycle remote controls too?

Bet you’ve got a couple lying around!

The chances are you’ve got other unused video and audio equipment at home too. These are probably things you’ve forgotten all about:

  1. Old remote controls, for example. Whatever you do, don’t throw them in the bin!
  2. And what about your broken video recorder and DVD player?
  3. That old games console you used to play FIFA or GTA on for so long that you stuck to your chair.
  4. What about all the cables they needed?

Simple: all those things count as electronics, full of recyclable materials. So take them to Recupel!

Life is one long TV show, but you can’t find the remote

Take your old TV back to the store, to the recycling centre or a second-hand shop

  • If you buy a new TV, the store owner will take back your old one for free.
  • Or would you prefer to take it to the Recupel hut in the recycling centre yourself? Great!
  • If your old television still works, a second-hand store might be a good alternative. There are plenty of people out there looking for a second-hand TV.