Have the batteries been removed from your discarded devices?

If not properly treated, discarded devices containing batteries can catch fire or explode. For this reason, before bringing any unwanted appliances to your nearest Recupel collection point, you should always check for and remove any batteries. 

Since the advent of lithium-ion technology, batteries have quickly become both cheaper and more efficient. As a result, they are used in an ever-increasing number of devices. These include toys that produce light and sound, wireless headphones and computer accessories. In fact, batteries are so ubiquitous that we do not always realise they are in our discarded items – which can lead to serious problems. 

Highly Flammable

Lithium, the key ingredient within most modern batteries, is extremely flammable –it can even spontaneously combust in the open air. Therefore, it is important to always handle batteries with care, especially when it comes to recycling. If a discarded battery ends up in the wrong waste stream, there is a chance that it will get damaged, for example by a grab crane or bulldozer, causing it to catch fire or even explode. Unfortunately, waste treatment operators within our network have experienced this on numerous occasions.

Separating Batteries

Old batteries are actually recycled separately from the rest of the appliance. This is why it is usually beter to dispose of old batteries separately when possible. If you are able to remove them from the device, please put them in the Bebat container then dispose of the device in the Recupel collection point. The batteries contained within smartphones, laptops and other devices are proving increasingly difficult to access. In this case, it is best to put the whole device in the Recupel point directly. Your used batteries will be in safe hands, and we'll hand them over to Bebat so that they can recover and reuse their precious constituent raw materials.