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Warning: container parks are closed in Wallonia, but they’re re-opening in Flanders and still accessible in Brussels, but only for urgent matters. We invite you to be careful and observe the security rules in any circumstances, as well as to keep your old appliances and light bulbs at home during this particular period. Above all, we ask you not to throw them in the household waste, in order to preserve the environment. Thank you!

How do I declare electro-appliances that I put onto the market in Belgium?

As a manufacturer or importer, you make a declaration of the appliances that you put on the market. Here´s how it works ...

Every quarter (or monthly, if you wish) you submit a declaration of the number of appliances put on the market.

For professional appliances with an administrative contribution you also indicate the weight, in addition to the number of appliances.

You can simply file your declaration online.

What happens after your declaration?

  • We let you know by e-mail that your quarterly invoice is ready.
  • The invoice mentions, per appliance category, the total of the contributions.
  • Once a year you confirm, via a global declaration, the appliances put on the market. You can also still make adjustments at that time.