How do you recover plastic from discarded electrical and electronic equipment?

Today we use 20 times more plastic than 50 years ago. Fortunately, we´ve found ways to efficiently recycle the different types of plastic. The plastic that today is still in your thermometer might tomorrow be in your fleece sweater or the filling of a festival sleeping bag!

From e-waste to new raw materials

We skilfully dismantle all the old electro-appliances you bring in that no one can use any more. Harmful substances are immediately removed, as are the precious metals, such as gold or titanium.

But even these dismantled appliances still contain useful materials. They end up in a shredder - like a giant mixer. Using a range of technologies, the materials (aluminium, copper, plastic, etc.) are separated from one another.

The nine (hundred) lives of plastic

All plastic is afterwards processed and offered to producers who can use it to make new products.

If you bring in your disused electrical and electronic appliances, you might run into it again later at home. Producers use recycled plastic to make, for example:

  • garbage bags
  • carrier bags
  • digital thermometers
  • floor coverings, windows and window sills
  • mixers
  • DVD and CD boxes
  • microwave ovens
  • garden fences and furniture
  • filling for duvets
  • epilators
  • drills
  • lamps
  • insulation panels
  • irons
  • ...