How do you turn a discarded refrigerator into a green hair dryer?

These days we´re all more environmentally-aware than people were half a century ago. We are gradually coming to understand that electrical and electronic appliances also play a role in this cycle for a cleaner nature. Because a discarded appliance can lead to something new.

Discarded electrical and electronic equipment deserves a beautiful afterlife

Recupel ensures that discarded appliances are actually reused or recycled. That begins with you - but we´re delighted to make it easier for you.

  1. Can your disused refrigerator make someone else happy? Then you can drop it off at a re-use shop in your community, where it will find a new owner.
  2. Are its best days truly behind it? Then it´s time for a whole new life: you can leave it at the nearest container park, where you´ll find a separate section for electrical and electronic appliances.
  3. Are you planning to buy a new one immediately? Then it’s even easier: the store has to take your old appliance back on the basis of the take-back obligation.

As of that moment, Recupel takes it over from you. Your job is done – thank you!

Recovering raw materials

Together with its partners, Recupel immediately goes to work on your defective refrigerator. We assume responsibility for the depollution, i.e. the separation and removal of harmful substances (older refrigerators, for example, often contain harmful Freon). 
Via innovative processing techniques we make sure that these substances do not end up in the environment.

In 2015 Recupel kept 13,566 tonnes of harmful substances from getting into the environment.

After the depollution we can look forward, because your refrigerator still contains a surprising amount of usable raw materials. The recovered materials (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastic and glass) are utilised to create new products.

Did you know that your refrigerator is 96% reprocessed into usable raw materials?

So it´s entirely possible that parts of your worn-out refrigerator come back to life in a hair dryer, which is thus produced in a much more environmentally-friendly way.