Is your old fridge broken? Recycling is cool

Let’s work together to give your old fridge a new future.

Dismantling an old fridge reveals a genuine treasure chest. Or a goldmine, if you like, which is why we call it urban mining. Your old fridge contains masses of reusable raw materials.

Here are a few examples:

  • The electricity cable: full of copper
  • The casing: even more metals
  • The interior: lots of plastic and glass
  • and so on.

We extract the harmful substances such as Freon, so that they don’t end up in the environment. 

This is another great step towards a circular, sustainable society.

Here’s the bad news: 200,000 refrigerators in Belgium don’t end up in the right recycling process.


Every fridge that is recycled the wrong way harms the environment. If you consider that about 200,000 fridges disappear each year, you can imagine the consequences. That’s why Recupel has come up with the ‘Hier Recycleren we goed” / “Ici nous recyclons bien” label. It enables you to recognise our partners who guarantee that your old fridge will be recycled properly.

Whether you return your fridge to a kitchen company or electrical appliance store when you buy a new one, or take it to a second-hand shop or recycling centre, the label helps you make a good choice.


To find a collection point with the label, click here.

What’s empty but full of precious materials? Your old fridge.

While you’re at it: get some serious recycling done

Some people find it hard to say goodbye to their old, unused appliance. But check out these figures...

  • tumble dryers: there are 185,000 old, unused dryers in Belgium
  • washing machines: 150,000 appliances lying around 
  • 380,000 unused   with a traditional screen, and as many as 400,000 unused flatscreen 
  • like lawn mowers, leaf blowers or grinding discs... sorry, we’ve lost count ;-)

Take them back to the shop, to the recycling centre or a second-hand shop.

What’s the easiest way to get rid of your old fridge and other junk?

  • When you buy a new fridge, the store will take your old one away for free.
  • You’re also welcome to take it to the Recupel hut in your Recypark.
  • Tip: is your fridge less than 10 years old with a freezer compartment that still works? Donate it to a second-hand shop.  A great place for vintage fans looking for a cool bargain.

Find all the collection points below.