Need to replace a spotlight? Broken lightbulbs? A lamp that you don’t need anymore? Take them to the collection point!

Take them back to the shop, to the recycling centre or a second-hand shop.

There’s more than just one way to reuse or recycle. In fact you have four choices:

  1. the store (e.g. lighting or DIY store) when you buy a replacement 
  2. the RecyclePoint, often by the entrance to your supermarket: handy for when you need to do the shopping 
  3. the recycling centre in your neighbourhood
  4. or, if the light fitting still works: make someone happy by donating it to a second-hand store.

Why is it so important to recycle light fittings too?

It’s simple: fittings have a cable, so they’re electrical appliances. We’re talking about old table lamps, standing lamps or ceiling lights. They’re not scrap: the right place to take them is the Recupel hut in the recycling centre, not the metal container.

Treat your old lightbulbs with care

Energy-saving bulbs and fluorescent strips have a long lifespan. But at some point they start flickering and give up the ghost. Even LED lamps don’t last forever.

If you take them to be recycled, bear these two tips in mind:

  1. don’t break them
  2. never throw them in the glass recycling bin or the non-recyclable rubbish bin.

Why do you need to take these precautions? Because they contain dangerous substances.

6 tips that make immediate sense – even if you’re not feeling all that bright ;-)

Did you know...

  • that lightbulbs are full of recyclable materials such as iron, copper and plastic?
  • that we can recycle 91.82% of the materials they are made of?
  • that we take care to keep dangerous substances like mercury out of our environment?
  • that recycling makes nature happy?!
  • that you can contribute in this way to a circular, sustainable society in which raw materials are no longer wasted? Thank you!
  • that you can find a collection point near you in an instant?
Replacing a spotlight is child’s play. Recycling a spotlight takes technological wizardry.