New Electrical and Electronic Appliances list

As of 1 January 2022, Recupel has introduced a new list for electrical and electronic appliances. In line with the modified European directive, the existing classification system has been replaced by six new categories. While the distinction between household and professional appliances remains unchanged, the criteria are now dictated by intended use.

The aim of the European directive is to limit the number of discarded electronic appliances and to encourage sustainable reuse and recycling practices. As part of the directive, manufacturers and importers now have to declare the number of electrical and electronic devices they put on the market. Based on the original European directive, Recupel has drawn up a list of appliances that manufacturers and importers need to declare.

Six New Main Categories

In January 2022, the number of categories was reduced from 10 to the following 6:

  1. Temperature exchange equipment
  2. Screens and equipment with screens > 100 cm²
  3. Lamps
  4. Large equipment (> 50 cm)
  5. Small equipment (< 50 cm)
  6. Small IT and telecommunications equipment (< 50 cm)


Appliance List for Clarification

Given that the types of electrical and electronic appliances on the market evolve at such a rapid pace, the new list is now non-exhaustive. It has been devised to both illustrate distinguishable categories and highlight any possible exceptions. As of 1 January 2022, the rule is that, unless the list indicates otherwise, all appliances have to be declared.

The previous distinction between household and professional appliances has also been updated. From now on, only appliances that are intended for professional environments are viewed as professional, meaning that all others are considered household appliances.

Changing Recupel’s Contributions

Since the start of 2022, certain appliances have changed category. This also impacts Recupel’s contribution, i.e. the fee that is added to an appliance's sales price to finance its end-of-life collection and treatment. On our website, alongside the new appliance list, you will find various step-by-step guides and infographics walking you through the new system. Should you have any specific questions regarding a particular appliance, please use our online contact form.