Renovation project? Request your Recupel Pick-up!

A project developer wants to replace the appliances in 420 kitchens and get the old ones collected, with a guarantee that they will be processed properly. That’s a daunting task, especially if the residents need their new kitchen installed the same day. It’s possible though, with good planning and Recupel’s free Pick-up service!

Immo J. Eckelmans is a large-scale project developer and student housing project manager. Among its portfolio, the company manages 420 student studios in Leuven. It recently decided to renovate these studios' kitchens. “Among other things, we will be replacing the old stoves,” says Koen Eckelmans, a partner at Immo J. Eckelmans. “Originally, many of these stoves had four hotplates on the top. So they were large appliances that we need to replace completely even if just one hotplate was broken. Now we will be using two hobs with two hotplates each, so that we only have to replace half of it if one hotplate breaks. That seems like a minor change, but across 420 studios, it will have a significant impact.”

Complete certainty with no hassle

The contractors will need to dispose of a huge number of old stoves and other kitchen appliances. Moreover, they will be working to a strict schedule: they will start work on a kitchen in the morning and need to be finished by 4pm. That way the students don’t have to move to other accommodation and then move back again. Logistically speaking, however, it’s a tough task. Or is it?

Koen Eckelmans: “Recupel Pick-up is perfect for our project. The Recupel staff make the arrangements directly with our contractors. We're glad they are there to take the stress off our hands because a renovation project like this is a very complex operation in itself. Now we also have a guarantee that the appliances will be processed properly, which is very important for us. We absolutely intend to avoid containers full of refrigerators being shipped off and dumped somewhere abroad. It also helps that it’s free: when you’re dealing with 420 studios, that makes a big difference.”

Does your company or organisation also have old electrical appliances you need to get rid of? Worn-out screens, faulty laptops or broken refrigerators? Request a free pick-up from!