Rid of electronics gathering dust @work with Recupel Pick-up

Old laptops, monitors, printers, mobile phones, refrigerators, lamps, etc.: every company, every organisation has a pile somewhere of no-longer-used electronic devices and appliances - some of which might actually even still work!

Usually, however, getting rid of them isn´t at the top of the long to-do list that has to be worked through on any given day. Where do you have to take them? Who might be able to come by and pick them up? And how much would that cost? In any event, it eats up time that you usually just do not have.

Happily, there´s now a solution for this problem: Recupel Pick-up a service provided by Recupel for SME's, organizations, etc.

In just a few steps you can place a request for the collection of your devices, free of charge! You pick the containers based on your needs, and your request is registered.

Once your request is checked, we send it to our transporter who confirms the appointement at your workplace within a few working days.

Recupel Pick-up in short

Pick-up works very simply.

You specify the type of equipment, whether it can be reused or whether it is to be recycled

Prepare your company details (including company number - the only exception is if your school does not have one).
Choose the right container(s), making sure that you select containers that can be fully filled (to ensure environmentally and financially responsible transport). You must be able to fill at least 2 Recupel cardboard boxes.

If possible, you upload photos and/or a description of your electrical appliances.
We check the request and if it meets the general conditions, it will be forwarded to our transporter who will confirm the appointment.

Why use Recupel Pick-up?

You can get rid of your e-waste in a few clicks, for free!

Easy, and good for your wallet. In addition, you are doing a good thing for the planet because you are guaranteed that the old devices from your workplace will have a second life through reuse or by being recycled properly, and locally. And reported to the governmental authorities.

Recycling for a circular economy

For those striving for a better world, electronic waste is a big plus. That may sound a bit counterintuitive, but it´s true: the more electrical and electronic waste we collect, the more valuable parts processing centres can recycle. Many devices contain elements (gold, silver, palladium, europium...) that would otherwise have to be mined from the earth the old-fashioned way. Thanks to recycling, we can use them again and again. And reusable devices simply get a second life. Hence the term ´circular economy´.    

Request a pick-up!