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Smartloop: Is that pile of old electr(on)ic equipment at your workplace gradually becoming huge? With Smartloop, you can cut it down to size in just a few clicks!

Old laptops, monitors, printers, mobile phones, refrigerators, lamps, etc.: every company, every organisation has a pile somewhere of no-longer-used electronic devices and appliances - some of which might actually even still work!

Usually, however, getting rid of them isn´t at the top of the long to-do list that has to be worked through on any given day. Where do you have to take them? Who might be able to come by and pick them up? And how much would that cost? In any event, it eats up time that you usually just do not have.

Happily, there´s now a solution for this problem: Smartloop, a platform developed by Recupel. How does it work? Smartloop is an online marketplace especially designed for SMEs, health care institutions, schools or other organisations that need such a solution.

In a few steps you can offer devices you are no longer using to companies that are specialised in recycling or reuse, and which will come to you in order to pick them up!

It is a simple service that offers you peace of mind and clearly presents the best options for recycling your devices or giving them a second life, in accordance with the regulations and out of concern for the environment.

A crash course in Smartloop

The way Smartloop works is very simple.

  • You upload photos and/or a description of your electrical and electronic devices.
  • You indicate what type of devices they are and whether they can be reused or have to be recycled.
  • You register your company or institution on the Smartloop platform.
  • Then the processing centres offer a price for your used equipment, or they demand a certain compensation to cover the pick-up costs.
  • You choose the best offer and agree on the practical details with the processing centre: and that´s it!

Everything runs via the Smartloop platform. Offer, price, pick-up and payment: everything is arranged directly between the two of you.

Recupel does not intervene in the negotiations.

How does your SME benefit from Smartloop?

With just a few clicks you can be free of all your old electronic devices, and you choose the most interesting offer yourself. If you don´t find an offer interesting, you don´t have to accept it. Moreover, each processing centre and each centre for reuse is accredited, so you can be sure that your old devices are in good hands.  

In brief: for CEOs of SMEs, Facility Managers, IT Managers and anyone who is responsible for managing no-longer-used electrical and electronic devices, Smartloop offers a unique service that is permanently available online and offers these companies or institutions the certainty that their old devices are being recycled or reused in compliance with the law.

Of course, Smartloop is quite handy for those accredited recycling and reuse centres as well. Thanks to this supply and demand system, they more easily find discarded electronic devices that can get a second life on the reuse market. The processing centres earn money with the recovered components. In other words: everybody wins.  

Recycling for a circular economy

For those striving for a better world, electronic waste is a big plus. That may sound a bit counterintuitive, but it´s true: the more electrical and electronic waste we collect, the more valuable parts processing centres can recycle. Many devices contain elements (gold, silver, palladium, europium...) that would otherwise have to be mined from the earth the old-fashioned way. Thanks to recycling, we can use them again and again. And reusable devices simply get a second life. Hence the term ´circular economy´.    

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