What does Recupel do with the Recupel contribution?

The Recupel contribution is included in the price of every new electrical and electronic appliance. With this amount Recupel finances its activities. The amount varies by product group, and a distinction is made between household and professional appliances.

Are you buying a new electrical or electronic appliance? Then the price also contains the Recupel contribution. It is specified separately on the cash register receipt. Recupel finances its activities with this contribution.

What happens with the Recupel contribution?

The contribution for household appliances is an all-in amount. It covers the collection, sorting, transport and processing of the appliances that are dropped off at the container park or brought along to the store when purchasing a new and similar appliance.

A part of the contribution goes to the operation and communication of Recupel (reporting, inspections of companies, etc.).

Separate arrangement for professional appliances

For all professional electrical and electronic equipment, an administrative contribution applies when the manufacturer or importer puts them on the market. This contribution covers our costs for administration and reporting, but not for the collection and processing.

How much does the Recupel contribution amount to?

The amount varies from product group to product group. It is calculated on the basis of multiple parameters: the average weight of the products in the group, the components in the appliances, the collection percentage, the processing technique, the service life, and so on.

All appliances and their respective Recupel contributions are presented in the appliance list or can be easily accessed here via our handy search tool. Here, too, a distinction is made between ´household´ and ´professional´.