What should I do with the appliances I am no longer using?

Breathe new life into your old appliances

Now you have gathered together all those appliances that you had forgotten about, it is time to give them a second chance. But how?

Is your appliance no longer working?

Our advice on how to repair your appliance can be found here.

Is it absolutely impossible to repair it? Recupel has a vast network of free collection points. You are welcome to bring your electronic appliances and used light bulbs to a container park at any time. These parks are managed by the local municipality or by groups of local municipalities working together in the area of waste management. Recupel is there to collect your electronic waste and light bulbs.

And there is an even easier option: many supermarkets, DIY stores and electronics shops near you have Recupel collection points for small electronic appliances, LED light bulbs, neon tubes and low-energy lamps. You've no doubt already noticed those large blue boxes – nice and practical for the next time you go shopping!

Are you buying a new appliance?

The store where you are buying your new electronic appliance is legally obliged to take back the old one and recycle it. This is known as the “take-back obligation”. So you can leave your old appliance with the retailer, even if you bought it elsewhere or you are buying a different brand. And if you are getting your new appliance delivered to your home, the retailer is still obliged to take back your old appliance, provided it is a similar product.

Is your appliance still working, or can it be repaired?

It would certainly make someone else happy! A repair centre can breathe new life into your old appliance. Recupel has a vast network of partners who can refurbish your appliances and resell them at reduced prices, with a warranty for the next consumer. So it's a win-win-win situation: for you, for the next consumer and for the environment.

How can I deal with my appliances as a company or organisation?

It is not always easy for companies, or organisations such as schools and hospitals, to find adequate solutions for getting rid of unused appliances hanging around in the workplace.

Do you have household appliances, such as computers, small printers, fridges and coffee machines gathering dust at work? You need the Recupel Pick-up service!

We can now come to your workplace for free. You can submit a pick-up request in just a few clicks.

Make an appointment here.


Please note that commercial appliances, which are generally much larger, are not covered by the Recupel contribution, so we cannot collect them via the Pick-up service. 

To ensure that such items are recycled correctly, contact an approved partner of ours who can collect them and have them recycled quickly and legally. Click here!


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