Why do I have to pay a Recupel contribution when I put an electro-appliance on the market?

As a manufacturer or importer, you pay a Recupel contribution. Why is that necessary? And what does Recupel do in exchange? A story where everyone wins…

The Recupel contribution is the amount that is added to the price of a new electrical or electronic appliance. It’s required by law. By virtue of the environmental policy agreement, the manufacturer or importer must, in the first instance, pay this recycling contribution to Recupel. 

Process and collect? Leave it to Recupel!

With these revenues, Recupel coordinates and organises the collection, sorting, processing and recycling of discarded electrical and electronic appliances.

The law also provides that everyone who ´puts an electrical or electronic appliance onto the Belgian market´ also has to assume responsibility for collecting and processing the discarded appliances.

As a manufacturer or importer, you then have the choice: actually assume the responsibility for the acceptance obligation yourself, or turn this job over to Recupel

Joining Recupel offers the great advantage that you can focus on your core tasks.

Good to know: all of the appliances for which a Recupel contribution applies are set forth in the appliance list.