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Which collection point is right for my needs ?

Container Park

Bring all your small and large e-appliances, as well as your used and broken lamp bulbs here to get them recycled.

Recupel point small electronics

Appliances smaller than your head ? Bring them in these blue boxes that you will find in your local supermakets, do-it-yourself, electro stores etc.

Recupel point light bulbs

These blue boxes available in many stores are ready to welcome all your used and broken LED, neon tubes and energy saving light bulbs.

Recupel point Fridge

Electronics stores, kitchen builders,.. These stores commit to recycling your old fridges and freezers correctly, with the label ‘Hier recycleren we goed’/’Ici nous recyclons bien’

Second hand shop

Your appliance still works or could be repaired ? A second hand shop can give it a second life !

Are you buying a new e-appliance ? The store has a take-back obligation.

The store has the legal obligation to take the old one back to get it recycled (only similar appliances).

What should I do with old appliances as a company or organization ?

Your old domestic appliances are gathering dust in the cupboards of your workplace ? Discover Recupel Pick-up, it's free and good for the planet!

If you collect electro and don’t really know what solution you should turn to, our guiding tool for professionals might be of help.