Become a Recupel approved Recycler

Registered collectors and licensed processers that sign the Recupel-charter engage themselves for the collection and processing of discarded electr(on)ic appliances in view of realizing the recycle and depollution goals.

Recupel does everything possible to support the authorised collectors and certified processors as Recupel partners:

  • your own profile page on the Recupel website under the "Professionals" section
  • use of the official ‘Recupel approved Recycler’ logo;
  • technical support, etc.

If you would like to work with Recupel as a 'Recupel approved Recycler', you should print out 2 copies of the contract and then send them paraphed and registered to:

Recupel vzw
Operations Dept.
A. Reyerslaan 80
B-1030 Brussels

You can download the contract of your choice here:
Charter Collection (Dutch / French)
Charter Processing (Dutch / French)