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Become a Recupel member

Why become a Recupel member?

The legislation stipulates that each manufacturer that ‘brings an electro-appliance onto the Belgian market’ is also in charge of the collection and processing of the discarded appliances.

As a manufacturer of electro-appliances, you are responsible for taking back the discarded appliances at the end of their lifecycle, and you must oversee the recycling processing. What does this mean in practice? If you manufacture or assemble appliances, you are obliged to fulfil your take-back obligation.

Recupel can handle your take-back obligation. It’s simple: affiliating with Recupel in accordance with the category of appliances that you import is all that is required.

If you manufacture appliances and you do not have an affiliation agreement with Recupel, then you must submit an individual waste management plan to the authorities of the three regions.

More information at:

More info at:
OWD: Office Wallon des Déchets
BIM: Brussels Instituut voor Milieubeheer
OVAM: Openbare Afvalstoffenmaatschappij voor het Vlaamse Gewest

The Recupel contribution?

The Recupel contribution is the amount added to the price of a new electro-appliance. Recupel uses this revenue to organise and coordinate the collection, sorting, processing and recycling of waste in Belgium.

All of the appliances that are subject to a Recupel contribution are listed in the appliance list and are divided into 10 categories. Each category is further divided into ‘professional’ (blue) and ‘household’ (light blue).

For all professional electro-appliances, an administrative contribution is charged when the appliance is brought onto the market by the manufacturer or importer. This contribution covers Recupel’s costs for administration and reporting, but not for collection and processing.

For household appliances, an 'all-in' contribution is charged. It is stated separately – as ‘Recupel contribution’ – on the invoice or the payment receipt. In contrast to the 'administrative contribution', this ‘all-in’ contribution covers the costs for collection and processing as well as for Recupel’s operations and communication (reporting, monitoring companies, etc.).

Declaration of appliances brought onto the Belgian market

As a manufacturer or an importer, once you are affiliated with one or more categories of appliances that you produce, you need to submit your declaration, per quarter (or monthly if you so desire), of the number of appliances brought onto the market. For professional appliances with an administrative contribution, you declare the weight in addition to the number of appliances.

You can submit your declaration via the electronic declaration form.

We then provide you with your quarterly invoice electronically, which allows you to pay the legal Recupel contributions. Even if you submit your declaration each month, you always receive a quarterly invoice. This invoice states the total of the contributions per appliance category for the period concerned.

One time per year, you must also submit a global declaration of the appliances brought onto the market.

Export (reimbursement of the Recupel contributions)

If, as a manufacturer, you export appliances for which you have paid contributions to your Belgian supplier, then under certain conditions (export certificates) you can re-claim the contributions from Recupel. See Membership.

Reimbursement of the contributions also applies in the following cases:

  • upon sale with foreign VAT;
  • upon taking back defective goods;
  • upon assembly or installation in new products (e.g. screens, control tables, ...).

If you would like your Recupel contributions to be reimbursed, then you must first enter into an affiliation agreement for the product category(ies) in which you are active. This agreement contains the general conditions for the reimbursement of your Recupel contributions.