What do you need to know as a new Recupel member?

Filing a declaration:

The declaration contains two columns:

  • Appliance brought to market: here you indicate, per product category, the number of household and professional appliances that you have imported or produced and which are subsequently destined for the Belgian market. For the professional appliances you declare not only quantities, but also the total weight of the appliances.
  • Returnable: here you can request a refund for the Recupel contributions that you paid to your Belgian supplier or to Recupel for household and/or professional appliances which you subsequently put on the market abroad.

Manage your data

Forgot your username or password? To request your username, click here. If you want to reset your password, click here.

What if you have trouble logging in? Then please contact Recupel on 0800 11 539 or at declarations@recupel.be.

Do you want to make declarations for several companies?

Are you the contact person for several companies and you want to log in using a single username? Then please inform Recupel of this by email to declarations@recupel.be.

Would you like more information about the different types of appliance, categories and contributions?

Is an appliance domestic or professional? Which Recupel category does a product belong to? Which contribution applies? Here you will find the list of all electrical and electronic appliances that must be declared.

From January 1, 2022 the declaration is made in 6 main categories. You can find more information here

Do you want to know whether an electrical or electronic appliance is subject to a Recupel contribution or to which product category it belongs? You can always submit a specific question about an appliance using the online contact form or the search function on our website.

Do you want to add a reference, description or PO number to your invoice?

You can add it to the bottom of the page when submitting your declaration. This reference or PO number will then be visible on the invoice. Once the invoice has been drawn up, it is no longer possible to add or modify a reference. 

An instructional video to help you with your future declarations.

This video provides a good basis to make optimal use of the declaration system in general.