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03.50 ICT appliances

(in whatever form, such as HD, tape streamers, etc.) whether or not for rack building in and only used in a professional environment. See also => 03.02: All external read and write peripherals/devices (Floppy, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD, ZIP, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, external HDD, etc.) including Flash card, bank card, ID card readers/writers but excluding USB sticks and Flash memory cards

Recupel contribution

since July 2018

Including VAT € 0.121
excluding VAT € 0.1

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Where to go with your electr(on)ic appliance?

Is the appliance no longer usable?

Take it for free to the container park, re-use centre or RecyclePoint

Is the appliance still usable?

Take it to a re-use shop.

Do you have electr(on)ic waste at your company?

Here we will walk you through where you can turn it in.