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02.02 Cleaning and textile processing equipment

All appliances that have a 230 V mains connection, for which the volume of the dust and/or water receptacle is <10 L, and that need to be connected to the household power supply for their primary function, as well combined hand-held/vacuum cleaners and self-navigating devices (robots) (with the exception of vacuum cleaners for electric tools such as those listed in categories 06.01 and 06.50) (other rechargeable electrical appliances or devices with a 12 V adapter -> 02.01)

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Where to go with your electrical waste?

Is the appliance no longer usable?

If appliances or bulbs are no longer usable, you can take them to the container park. You can also take small electr(on)ic waste and old bulbs to a RecyclePoint. If you think your appliance is repairable, bring it to – or have it picked up by – a re-use shop.

Is the appliance still usable?

Then you can donate or sell it. Or you can take it to a re-use shop - or let a re-use shop pick up the appliance.

Do you have electr(on)ic waste at your company?

We'll walk you through where you can take your electr(on)ic waste and old light bulbs. Or do you already collaborate with a Recupel approved Recycler?