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Looking for a smart way to eliminate e-waste in your SME?

Broken laptops, computer screens, printers, mobiles, refrigerators, lamps and fixtures: every SME has e-waste that deserves a second life. But getting rid of e-waste is one of those things that rarely makes is off the to-do list. That’s why Recupel is launching a new service: Smartloop. How does it work? It’s a digital platform where your SME offers e-waste to specialist companies that come and collect it at your place of business! That sounds a bit like a dating site and in a way that’s exactly what it is albeit specifically for e-waste.

A crash course in Smartloop

Smartloop is a virtual marketplace for SMEs and certified processors of e-waste. It’s really simple.


  • Register your SME on the Smartloop platform
  • Post pictures and/or a description of your electrical and electronic devices
  • Waste processors make an offer for your e-waste or ask a certain sum to collect it
  • You pick the best offer and make practical arrangements with the processor: done!


Everything is arranged on the Smartloop platform. Offer, price, collection, payment: buyer and seller agree on these modalities. Recupel only manages the platform.

How does your SME benefit from Smartloop?

The biggest advantage: you can get rid of your e-waste with just a few mouse clicks.

Another plus: you get to handpick the best offer for your e-waste. If you don’t like a particular offer then you can simply turn it down. Also, every processor is certified so your e-waste is always dealt with properly.

Of course, Smartloop is also very practical for those certified processors. This system of supply and demand makes it easy for them to find e-waste for parts and they can make a profit. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Recycling for a circular economy

E-waste is a strong asset for a better world. This may sound a bit odd but it’s true. The more electric and electronic waste we collect, the more valuable components processing companies can recycle. Many devices contain raw materials (gold, silver, palladium, europium, ...) which would otherwise have to be mined. Thanks to recycling they can be used time and again. This is what we call the circular economy or recycling economy and it will be a roaring success once we start collecting more waste. With Smartloop we can take things to the next level!

When can your SME start ‘smartlooping’?

Right now Smartloop is gearing up for the big test. Over the next few months we’ve scheduled several test runs in a number of cities. These experiences by SMEs will help us fine-tune the Smartloop platform. We promise the big launch of Smartloop will not go by unnoticed!