Bring your e-waste and used lightbulbs to Recupel. We’ll take it from there.

I’m looking for a collection point for 
my TV screen 📺my light bulb 💡my computer 💻my mobile phone 📱my fridge ❄️my electronic tool 🛠

Recupel, recycle for a more beautiful world


What can Recupel recycle for me?

It’s easy! Any device which has an electrical cable or plug, or which runs on batteries (including cables and light armatures). We also recycle energy-saving and LED bulbs and fluorescent strip lights.

Still not sure? Consult our list:

So far, in 2021, we have collected:
[tonnes] tonnes

Per family, this represents:
[household] kg

Quite impressive! Per household that represents around:
[lamps] lights[coffeemachines] coffee machine(s)[tv] TV screen(s)

Thank you!

123,840 tonnes collected in 2020

123,840 tonnes of electrical and electronic

appliances collected in 2020, thanks!


Read more about our collection results in our annual report

and discover our initiatives contributing towards a circular economy.

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