Circular economy

How can you repair a broken device?

Broken or unused electrical devices are often left lying around, and end up at the back of cupboards, or in attics or garages. That's a shame, because a device that still works could make someone else very happy. Furthermore, broken devices can be repaired or repurposed to make new materials or products. So, how can you give your old devices a new lease of life?

The average household is home to a lot of unused devices. Just think of those old computer mice, DVD players, cables, kitchen appliances, scales, hedge trimmers, discarded microwaves, etc. Fancy having a clearout? Take a good look around the house. Have a rummage through your cupboards, your garage, your cellar or attic, and make sure you don’t forget the garden shed. You're bound to find a whole host of devices that you no longer need.

Is your device broken and would you prefer to have it repaired?

Check out the handy tool on our website to help you find the ideal solution. There are several different options. 

If your device is less than two years old, and you still have the warranty certificate, you can return it to where you originally purchased it. If your device is broken due to improper use, it is no longer covered by the warranty, but the seller may be able to assist you with their own repair service. If the device is broken through no fault of your own, you can make a claim under warranty. In this case, the seller has to offer you a solution. This can, for example, be a free repair or exchange. 

For a device over two years old, its commercial warranty may well have expired. In this instance, check whether the place you bought it from offers its own repair service. If not, contact an official service partner of the manufacturer, or a reuse centre with qualified repair staff. 

If repair is no longer an option, take your broken device to a Recupel collection point either in store or at your local recycling (container) park.

Is your device still working?

Your device is still working, but you simply no longer have any use for it? If so, make someone else happy by taking it to a second-hand store or reuse centre nearby. They will clean it and make any necessary repairs and then sell it on at a low price.