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Manufacturer or importer of electrical and electronic equipment? Recupel can help!

As a manufacturer or importer of electrical and electronic equipment, you are obliged to collect and process discarded appliances. But Recupel can assume responsibility for fulfilling this acceptance obligation via a membership agreement.

The law decrees that every producer which ´puts an electrical or electronic appliance onto the Belgian market´ is also responsible for collecting and processing  the discarded appliances.

As a producer of electrical and electronic equipment, you are thus responsible for taking back disused appliances at the end of their use cycle. This is the so-called take-back obligation.

Joining Recupel = legally entirely in order

All those who produce or assemble or import appliances can join us. How great a benefit? We take the acceptance obligation off your shoulders.

Joining Recupel is very simple; it can be done easily via the online membership agreement.

What if you don´t conclude an agreement? Then you have to file an individual waste management plan with the governments of the three regions: 
 OVAM (Flemish Region)
 BIM (Brussels-Capital Region)
 OWD (Walloon Region)