Circular economy

Never throw empty cartridges in the dustbin

Print this well in your memory: a cartridge is electro.

What do you mean, a used toner cartridge is electro?

Yes, cartridges are electro because every cartridge contains a chip, for instance to determine how full the cartridge is. A chip is tiny but still important because it contains valuable materials and metals. And then we haven’t even mentioned the plastic in the cartridge.

Recupel can handle your cartridges. Most cartridges can be reused - after thorough cleaning they are refilled in order to be resold. And what about old or broken cartridges? They get a second life: Recupel recycles more than 90% of every cartridge into reusable raw materials - the basis for new products.

A small effort

Should you hand them in at your supermarket RecyclePoint, the electronics store or your local DIY shop? Or at the recycling park after all? You can hand in your empty cartridges anywhere you like. Never thought a cartridge would also be electro. Or that recycling is so easy. You can find your nearest collection point here.