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Our solutions and services for your organisation or business.

Do you produce, import or sell e-appliances, or do you want to help create a more circular society by collecting e-waste or bulbs? Find out more about how the services we offer can help your organisation.

You can consult the appliance list and Recupel-contributions here :

From 10 to 6 categories : the appliance list changes from January 1st 2022

Learn all there is to know about the new appliance list on our information page dedicated to Recupel members.

Would you like to dispose of e-waste or used bulbs?


Become a Collection Point

Do you collect over 4 box pallets per year of e-waste or used bulbs?

Become a permanent Recycling Collection Point!


Become a RecyclePoint

Would your shop or organisation like to collect small e-waste and bulbs as an additional service for your customers?

Become a RecyclePoint.


Discover Smartloop

Do you have a small quantity of e-waste (fewer than 4 box pallets per year) which you would like to dispose of?

Ask for an offer to get rid of your e-waste on Smartloop.

Does your business bring e-appliances onto the Belgian market?

Become a Recupel member

If you produce, import or sell e-appliances on the Belgian market, you are legally obliged to handle their return and processing. Become a Recupel member, and we will handle it for you!


Does your business recycle or collects e-appliances, and would you like to work with Recupel?

Become an approved recycler

Do you process or collect e-waste, and would you like to work with Recupel as an approved recycler?

Find out what the process involves...

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Don't know what to choose ?

Does your organisation have e-waste or used bulbs, but you’re still not sure which is the right solution for you?

Consult our easy step-by-step online guide, which will help you find the right solution for you.