About Recupel

Collected WEEE? Report it to BeWeee!

All European member states, including Belgium, have to keep track of how many electrical and electronic appliances and devices they put on the market as well as how many they collect and treat. If you take back discarded devices and appliances from your customers, then you must report this. If you are not a member of Recupel and you do not report to Recupel via the WEEE report, then you can easily report your collected volumes via the online BeWeee tool.

The European Union asks all its member states to collect and treat at least 65% of all discarded electrical and electronic appliances and devices. To ensure that Belgium achieves this objective – which is not yet the case – it is important that everyone reports how much e-waste they are collecting and treating, or reusing. 

Easy to Report

Companies and organisations can report their e-waste directly to Recupel. Those without a contract with Recupel can use the BeWeee tool, a simple online reporting tool for e-waste. Via the BeWeee platform, collectors, treatment operators, manufacturers, traders, exporters and reuse centres can report their results annually to the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels governments.

In 2022, Belgian companies reported 41,493  tonnes of e-waste via BeWeee. The volumes reported to Recupel accounted for 119,654 tonnes, bringing the total reported amount to 161,147 tonnes. This brings us closer to the European objective. There is however still a lot of work to be done before we have enough information to correctly assess our collection results. Via BeWeee, you can report your e-waste on an annual basis. This must be done before July for the previous calendar year.