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Second-hand stores: let’s reduce our waste together

What can you do with electronic devices or electrical appliances you don’t use any more but that still work perfectly?

The likelihood is that you’ve got loads of electrical and electronic appliances you don't need any more.

Belgians find it hard to part with their old appliances. The result? Millions of useful gadgets gathering dust in our homes. Go for a rummage in your cupboards, drawers or attic. You’re bound to find an unused desk lamp or coffee machine, an iron you’ve replaced with a new steamer, or maybe a digital photo frame.

Have you asked yourself whether you’ll ever use all that stuff again? Every unused appliance is a missed opportunity to make someone happy

Where can you donate your devices and appliances?

There is a whole network of second-hand shops in Belgium where furniture, clothing and decorative objects find a new owner. People often forget that lamps and electronic appliances are welcome too.

Some second-hand stores even get broken devices repaired by professional technicians. As a consumer, you receive a one-year guarantee if you buy an electrical appliance there.

What if the appliance can’t be repaired after all? Recupel can recycle it into new raw materials.

Find a second-hand shop near you

Giving away an unused device helps other people, and it’s good for the environment too!

You’ll be glad to get rid of your clutter, and the customer at the second-hand shop will get a usable device for a bargain price. It’s also excellent for the environment, because these items don’t end up on the scrap heap.

You help to provide meaningful employment in the social and circular economy.

Second-hand shops are part of the ‘circular economy’. Did you know that Recupel has created around 350 full-time jobs in the sector by means of the social employment system?

Second-hand shops provide jobs, training and future prospects for people who find few opportunities, if any, on the regular job market. So you’re doing them a good turn too. Thank you!