What is the Recupel contribution?

The Recupel contribution is an amount included in the price of a new electro-appliance. Recupel uses this revenue to organise and coordinate the collection, sorting, processing and recycling of e-waste in Belgium.

All of the appliances that are subject to a Recupel contribution are listed in the appliance list and are divided into 10 categories. Each category is further divided into ‘professional’ (blue) and ‘household’ (light blue).

Professional appliances = administrative contribution

For all professional electro-appliances, an administrative contribution is charged when the appliance is brought onto the market by the manufacturer or importer. This contribution covers Recupel’s costs for administration and reporting, but not for collection and processing.

Household appliances = all-in contribution

For household appliances, an 'all-in' contribution is charged. It is stated separately – as ‘Recupel contribution’ – on the invoice or the payment receipt. In contrast to the 'administrative contribution', this ‘all-in’ contribution covers the costs for collection and processing as well as for Recupel’s operations and communication (reporting, monitoring companies, etc.).