Circular economy

What should you to do with professional electrical appliances?

Does your business rely on professional electrical and electronic equipment, such as cooling units, catering fridges, or simply even large professional printers?

Recycle your appliances via the Recupel network

All electrical and electronic appliances, including professional, hospitality, medical and construction site equipment, are considered hazardous waste. At the same time, these also contain a lot of reusable materials.

The safest way to dispose of them and ensure they are recycled as much as they can be, in good conditions for both the environment and the workers taking them apart, is to hand them over to your nearest Recupel-approved recycling partner.

All our partners have signed the same charter, committing them to ensuring that such work is undertaken in a professional manner and subject to government reporting.

Click here to find your nearest approved recycling centre.

What about household items you use as part of your business or activity?

In contrast to 'PRO' (professional) appliances, household appliances such as laptops, coffee machines, home refrigerators and dishwashers that could also be used for domestic purposes are already covered by a Recupel contribution, which is included in their original purchase price. For this reason, they can be given directly to Recupel, either in household appliance stores or via your local recycling centre’s Recupel collection point.

The Recupel Pick-up service also allows you to request a free collection of household appliances from your workplace, provided this is above a certain volume (minimum two full collection boxes). Here you can find more information on the difference between household and professional appliances.

Find yourself regularly disposing of electrical or electronic household appliances?

If this adds up to more than four pallet boxes per year, your best bet would be to become a Recupel collection point. We will then install a pallet box (1 m wide x 1.2 m deep x 1.7 m high) to accommodate all your used appliances. Once full, you can simply request a collection via our website. Want to become a collection point? Find here all useful information.