Collection conditions

Contractual collection conditions

You are a collection point, and you request collection of WEEE through the Recupel system? Then, for each request, you must confirm that you comply with the contractual collection conditions. These are stipulated below.

Chapter ‘A. General collection conditions’ applies to any collection point and to all WEEE fractions (unless the conditions stated under B, C or D deviate from A).

The additional conditions in chapters B and C only apply if the collection concerns light bulbs.

The additional conditions in chapter D related to the collection of smoke detectors, only apply to public waste centres and to fitters.

In case of non compliance with a collection condition, Recupel can end the cooperation and, in case receptacles remain at the collection point, have them picked up. The collection point is liable for any cost resulting from a non compliance. Recupel can also take back the receptacles if the collection point is no longer acting as collection point, or has ceased its activities or has gone bankrupt or into liquidation.

Any dispute concerning the relation between Recupel and the collection point and concerning the compliance with these collection conditions is the exclusive territorial competence of the courts of the Brussels district.

A. General Collection Conditions (all WEEE fractions)

  • The collection point complies with all applicable legal and regulatory conditions concerning WEEE storage.
  • The collection point registered as such through the Recupel website (
  • The collection is requested for through the Recupel website and is carried out by an authorized collector.
  • The collection point can request a collection for at least 8 (eight) individual units (large white appliance, refrigerator or freezer), or a filled receptacle (box pallet or 38 m³ container). (Only applicable to household WEEE.)
  • To store the collected WEEE, Recupel makes available free of charge receptacles (box pallet, container or a specific receptacle for light bulbs). With the exception of WEEE that is collected as individual units, the collection point places the WEEE in these receptacles.
  • These receptacles remain the property of Recupel (or of a receptacles supplier). In case of a claim of a third party concerning a receptacle, the collection point rejects the claim and informs that third party on the property right of Recupel (or of a receptacles supplier).
  • The collection point fills and uses the receptacles with the necessary due care and as a bonus pater familias, and in compliance with the relevant instructions, in such a way that neither the receptacle nor the WEEE is damaged and that no harmful substances are released. The collection point uses the receptacles exclusively for the collection of WEEE in the framework of the cooperation with Recupel. It is not allowed to transfer receptacles, to allow a third party to use them or to grant any other right on it.
  • The collection point is liable for damages to receptacles, with the exception of damages resulting from a normal use (wear and tear) or from force majeure. In case of reparable damage, the collection point shall reimburse the repair costs to Recupel. In case of irreparable damage or loss, the collection point shall pay a compensation set forth by Recupel corresponding to the cost of the loss/the replacement. Subject to modification by Recupel, such compensation amounts to 5.500 EUR for container, 220 EUR for a box pallet, 450 EUR for a Large LMP-box and 250 EUR for a Small LMP-box (excl. VAT and increased per case with an administrative cost of 25 EUR). In case of damage of loss the collection point shall immediately inform Recupel.
  • The collection point guarantees that all receptacles made available to it according to the Recupel registration are returned in good state.
  • As regards a box pallet/container the collection point requests for collection at least 4 times a year. (Only applicable to household WEEE; not applicable to light bulbs and smoke detectors).
  • The WEEE and the receptacle (whether filled or empty) are stored in a dry place, precipitation free.
  • The receptacle is filled completely (at least 80%) and exclusively contains WEEE as stipulated in the Recupel appliances lists.
  • The WEEE is complete (i.e. contains all essential components) and is stripped of all possible products or items that are foreign to it (such as, for example, packaging, protective material, food waste, garden waste, etc.). Accessories that are not essential components of the appliance are not accepted.
  • The WEEE/the receptacles are/contain neither radioactive appliances (except for ionizing smoke detectors and Xenon cinema light bulbs), nor appliances with a biological, chemical or radioactive contamination risk. Collection of such appliances is refused.
  • As long as the WEEE/the receptacle is in the possession of the collection point, it shall bear its risk and be liable for damages caused by or to the WEEE and/or the receptacle, and for any damages resulting from the incorrect handling of the receptacle or of its contents. Recupel is not the owner of the WEEE and is not liable for damages. Recupel is also not liable for any physical harm, illness or injury incurred in the reception or handling of the WEEE/the receptacle at the collection point, including harm, illness or injuries caused by infection, germs, infectious agents, radioactivity or poisonous substances. Infected or contaminated products are not allowed and the receptacle may not contain such products.
  • The WEEE/receptacle is ready for transport available to the collector, which means: it is put in a readily accessible place on a hardened surface and ready for transport so that the collector can pick it up without losing time and without practical problems. The collector's possible waiting time at the collection point address shall not be more than 15 minutes.
  • If the receptacle is not composed in compliance with the instructions, or if one of the collection conditions has not been complied with, any cost resulting from this is at the expense of the collection point, including a possible useless transportation by the collector.
  • The collection point receives a collection receipt from the collector, which states the number of receptacles collected/delivered.

B. Additional collection conditions regarding light bulbs > 200 kg (tube bulbs, energy-saving bulbs or LED bulbs)

  • The collection takes place for a minimum of 200 kg/receptacle per collection.
  • The collection point submits at least 1 collection request per year.
  • The light bulbs must be put in an adapted receptacle: either a Large LMP Box (80x190x75 cm ; for tube bulbs of at least 60 cm long) or a Small LMP Box (80x120x75 cm ; for tube bulbs of less than 60 cm long and for other bulbs). As to property and damages reference is made to A above.
  • Light bulbs must be stripped of all possible packaging (boxes, cases, cardboard, etc.). The receptacle shall contain no garbage or any other type of waste. The light bulbs are offered in a dry condition.
  • Only complete light bulbs are accepted: broken, damaged or dismantled bulbs, etc., are refused.
  • Incandescent bulbs (bulbs with a filament) are not accepted.
  • Fittings belong to the fraction OTH (Other WEEE).

C. Additional collection conditions for small quantities of light bulbs (< 200 kg/year)

  • The light bulbs are collected in the bulb box made available free of charge by the collector, which is available in two types, a basic model and a smaller model. The box itself (not its content) is the property of Recupel. A box will only be collected if it is completely filled.
  • The collection point can submit a maximum of three collection requests per year. Per collection only one bulb box per type of box is placed, collected or exchanged (thus : per collection request either one box, or two of a different type).
  • Light bulbs must be stripped of all possible packaging (boxes, cases, cardboard, etc.). The receptacle shall contain no garbage or any other type of waste. The light bulbs are offered in a dry condition.
  • Only complete light bulbs are accepted: broken, damaged or dismantled bulbs, etc., are refused.
  • Incandescent bulbs (bulbs with a filament) and fittings are not accepted.

D. Additional collection conditions for smoke detectors (only for public waste centres and fitters)

  • Collection concerns autonomous and /or not autonomous optical and / or ionizing electrical and electronic smoke detectors.
  • The collection point shall never store more than 1,000 pieces of smoke detectors together and at the same time.
  • The collection point stores the smoke detectors in a suitable collection receptacle made available by Recupel free of charge : (a) for public waste centres: a metal recipient ; (b) for other collection points than public waste centres: either the aforementioned metal recipient or an ASP container (depending on the collection volume).
  • Only for public waste centres: The collection concerns smoke detectors that an end user disposes of. For each delivery, a maximum of two smoke detectors can be accepted per end user. Smoke detectors (in the collection recipient) are put in the closed location where small hazardous waste is stored. If this is not available or if it is impossible, they are stored nearby this location, in a place not accessible to the public.
  • The metal recipient is supplied with a plastic bag of 120 L inside. As regards the collection in an ASP container, Recupel provides for several plastic bags of 120 L ; in an ASP container smoke detectors are thus stored in several filled bags (it being understood that the aforementioned limit of 1.000 smoke detectors is not exceeded).
  • As regards receptacles property and damage, reference is made to A above.
  • In case of collection of a metal recipient, the collector takes the filled bag out of the collection recipient and puts an empty bag inside. The receptacle remains on site.
  • In case of collection of an ASP container this receptacle is collected as such by the collector, including the filled bags within. The collector will in principle provide a new empty recipient and supply the required bags.
  • The collection recipients and plastic bags are kept in a good condition. Smoke detectors are stored precipitations free.
  • The collection point does not sort nor handle smoke detectors.


For more information, call the Operations Dept. at: 0800 11 539 (free of charge).