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Privacy & Cookie Policy


The Recupel website is visited by visitors, members and pickup points.

  • Recupel does not collect data about visitors to the website, with the exception of data communicated in the context of the collection of WEEE and its financing (contribution).
  • in order to ensure seamless pickup at pickup points, Recupel requests a number of details. These details are provided on a voluntary basis by the pickup points. The collection of these details is aimed at improving the efficiency of the pickup service.

Personal information as well as details regarding transportation and declarations are secure while on the Internet.

Recupel may process the personal data it obtained in compliance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy and communicate it to supervising authorities, accountants, corporate auditors and/or advisors in so far as it is useful or required for Recupel in the framework of the regulations in terms of acceptance obligation of electrical and electronic appliances.

The party that proves their identity has the right to ask, by means of a signed and dated written request addressed to the person in charge, that the data involving them be improved, completed, removed or protected. This request can be made if the data is factually incorrect, is incomplete or irrelevant for the purposes of processing or is processed in violation of the law. The requests will, if it is found to be justified, be followed up as soon as possible. Any modifications will, where necessary, be forwarded to third parties as soon as possible.


Recupel makes use of cookies, which are mini-files that are kept on the user's hard disk, not on that of Recupel. They allow us to provide you with information depending on your interests. They do not contain personal information, but can make use of the website easier.