What are the terms and conditions of collection?

Section ‘AGeneral terms and conditions of collection’ applies to every Recupel collection point and to all types of electricals and light bulbs (unless these differ from the terms and conditions set out under sections B, C or D).

The additional terms and conditions set out in sections B and C apply only for the collection of light bulbs.

The additional terms and conditions set out in section D – collection of smoke detectors – apply only for recycling centres and installers.

If you fail to meet any of the terms and conditions of collection, Recupel may terminate the partnership and arrange for any remaining collection bins and box pallets to be collected. As a Recupel collection point, you are liable for any cost of non-compliance. Recupel can also retrieve any collection bins or box pallets if you stop collection, cease operations, or have filed for bankruptcy/liquidation.

Any dispute regarding the relationship between Recupel and any Recupel collection point, along with compliance with these terms and conditions for collection, falls under the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the competent authorities within the arrondissement of Brussels.

A. General terms and conditions of collection – applicable to all types of electricals

  • As a Recupel collection point, you must comply with all applicable legal and regulatory terms and conditions for the storage of discarded electricals and light bulbs.
  • Register for the collection service as a Recupel collection point via the logistics platform.
  • Requests for collection are made via the logistics platform.
  • A registered collector shall carry out the collection.
  • As a Recupel collection point, you may request the collection of a minimum of 8 individual items (large white goods, fridges, freezers, etc.), or one full box pallet or one 38m³ container of household electricals. 
  • Recupel shall provide you with box pallets, containers or light bulb boxes for the storage of the collected electricals and light bulbs, free of charge.  Place all collected electricals and light bulbs inside these provided receptacles, with the exception of any items collected as individual items. 
  • These receptacles shall remain the property of Recupel or an authorised Recupel supplier. If any third party seeks to lay claim to any such receptacle, the Recupel collection point must reject this and inform the third party of the receptacle's rightful ownership.
  • As a Recupel collection point, you shall fill and use the provided receptacles with due care and following best practice, so that neither receptacle nor collected electricals incur any damage and in such a way that the electricals do not discharge any harmful substances. The Recupel collection point shall only use the provided receptacles to collect electrical appliances or light bulbs as part of its collaboration with Recupel. They must not be misappropriated, used by any third party or have any rights assigned to them.
  • As a Recupel collection point, you are liable in the event of any damage to the receptacle in question, with the exception of any damage resulting from normal use (wear and tear) or force majeure. In the event of repairable damage, the Recupel collection point shall reimburse Recupel for the cost of any repair. In the event of irreparable damage or loss, you as a Recupel collection point shall be liable for compensation corresponding to the cost of the loss or replacement. Subject to change by Recupel, this compensation stands at €5,500.00 for a collection bin, €220,450.00 for a box pallet, €450.00 for a large light bulb box and €250.00 for a small light bulb box. (prices excluding VAT and subject to the addition of an administrative charge of €25.00 in each case). In case of damage or loss, the Recupel collection point must inform Recupel immediately.
  • As a Recupel collection point, you are required to return all receptacles to Recupel in good condition.
  • To receive a box pallet or container for household electricals, the Recupel collection point must request collection a minimum of 4 times per year. 
  • The receptacle and collected electricals or light bulbs should be stored in a dry, precipitation-free environment.
  • Any receptacles must be completely filled (min. 80%) and only with WEEE from Recupel's list of approved electrical appliances and electronic devices. 
  • Electricals shall be accepted if they are deemed recognisable as WEEE and therefore still contain most of their essential components. We cannot accept electricals that no longer contain these essential components. In addition, any possible products or objects that are foreign to these electrical appliances or electronic devices (such as packaging, protective material, food residues, garden waste, etc.) should be removed.
  • Any electrical appliances/electronic devices that have radioactive properties (except for ionization smoke detectors and xenon cinema light bulbs) or that have become biologically, chemically or radioactively contaminated should not be included within the provided receptacles. Collection of any such electricals shall be refused.
  • As a collection point, so long as the WEEE/receptacle is in your possession, you shall bear all risks and be liable for any damage caused by/to the WEEE and/or the provided receptacle, or by any improper handling of the provided receptacle or its contents. Recupelis has no ownership of the WEEE and is therefore not liable for related damage. Recupel is equally not liable for any physical damage, sickness or injury incurred when accepting or handling electricals or light bulbs at the Recupel collection point, including damage, sickness or injury incurred due to contamination, pathogens, contaminants, radiation or toxic substances. 
  • The collected electricals and light bulbs or the provided receptacle should be ready to be transported, i.e. easily accessible, on a solid surface and ready to be taken so that the designated transport company can load them without incurring any loss of time or experiencing any practical difficulties.  Any waiting time incurred by the transport company at the address of the Recupel collection point should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • If the box pallet or collection bin has not been assembled in accordance with the French instructions (or Dutch instructions), or if any of the terms and conditions of collection have not been met, any resulting costs, including any unfulfilled transport costs, shall be reimbursed by the Recupel collection point.
  • The Recupel collection point shall receive a digital collection slip from the transport company indicating the number of receptacles to be collected/delivered.

B. Additional terms and conditions of collection related to light bulbs

> 200 kg (tube, low-energy or LED light bulbs)

  • The Recupel collection point shall make at least 1 collection request per year.
  • The light bulbs must be placed in a suitable light bulb box: either large (80 x 190 x 75 cm for tube light bulbs at least 60 cm long), or small (80 x 120 x 75 cm for tube light bulbs less than 60 cm long and for other light bulbs). Questions regarding damages incurred to light bulb boxes should be referred to the provisions set out under section A.

< 200 kg/year

  • Collect the light bulbs in the light bulb box, provided free of charge by the transport company. This comes in two types, a basic and a smaller model. The box itself (not its contents) is the property of Recupel. Boxes shall only be eligible for collection if they are completely filled.
  • As a Recupel collection point, you are entitled to make a maximum of three collection requests per year. Only one light bulb box per type will be installed, collected or exchanged per collection (i.e. either one box or two different types per collection request).


  • Light bulbs should be stripped of any possible packaging (boxes, tubes/sleeves, cardboard, etc.). Light bulb boxes must not contain any rubbish or other waste. The light bulbs should be provided in a dry condition.
  • Only complete light bulbs shall be accepted: broken, damaged or dismantled light bulbs, etc. shall be refused.
  • Incandescent light bulbs (bulbs containing a filament) will not be accepted.
  • Light fittings fall under ‘OTHER’  (other WEEE items). 

C. Additional terms and conditions of collection of smoke detectors (for recycling centres and installers only)

  • The collection of autonomous and/or non-autonomous optical and/or ionization electric and electronic smoke detectors.
  • As a Recupel collection point, you should never store more than 1,000 smoke detectors together at the same time.
  • Depending on the accumulated volume, you should deposit smoke detectors in (A) a metal receptacle, provided by Recupel free of charge at recycling centres, or (B) a metal receptacle or ASP container at other collection points. 
  • Collection of smoke detectors at recycling centres is only for end-users, depositing a maximum of two smoke detectors at a time. Smoke detectors (in the collection receptacle) are to be deposited in the enclosed area for small hazardous waste. In the absence of such an area, or if this is not possible, they should be deposited nearby, in a place not accessible by the general public.
  • Plastic collection bins each come with a 120 L plastic bag inside. For collections in an ASP container, Recupel will provide several 120 L plastic bags. Smoke detectors are therefore stored several full bags at a time inside the ASP container (note: the limit of 1,000 units must not be exceeded).
  • Upon collection of the plastic collection bin, the transport company will remove the full bag and install an empty new one. The collection bin remains on site.
  • Upon collection of the ASP container, it is taken away by the transport company, inside bags included. The transport company will usually replace the container and provide the necessary bags there and then.
  • Bins, containers and plastic bags are to be kept in good condition. Smoke detectors should be stored in a precipitation-free environment.
  • Recupel collection points must not perform any sorting or manipulation of smoke detectors.

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