Where can you discard electrical and electronic waste?

You decide to move in together, and suddenly you realise that you have an extra refrigerator on your hands. Or your vacuum cleaner gives up the ghost and you want to get rid of it. Where can you discard electrical and electronic appliances? Here are your options in a nutshell.

Does it still work? To the re-use shop!

If the appliance isn´t broken, the best thing you can do is give it away. That way you´re free of it and you´ve made someone else happy. There are re-use shops throughout Belgium which will clean up your appliances and sell them off at a good price. A green and sympathetic way to recycle!

Even appliances with minor defects are welcome at the re-use shop, which has its own repair service. Don´t hesitate to ask them first whether your things would be welcome.

Doesn’t work any longer? Store, RecyclePoint or re-use centre

You can drop off your old electro-appliance (broken or not) in the store where you buy a new similar appliance. In that case the brand or type don´t make any difference. That´s called the 'take-back obligation'.

For small electrical appliances – and/or lamps – there´s also another option: the RecyclePoint.

Often that’s simply the supermarket or do-it-yourself store in your neighbourhood. Note carefully: they will only accept electrical and electronic appliances whose largest dimension (L/W/H) amounts to a maximum of 25 cm. For example: a mobile phone, an electric shaver, an MP3 player…

Another possibility for properly disposing of defective appliances? Take them to the container park