Logistics : collection and recycling of EEE

3.1   How many discarded appliances do I need to request a collection?

A collection can be requested for at least 8 pieces large white and/or refrigerators and freezers.

Do you want to be a Collection Point? Click here and follow the instructions.

3.2   Can I also contact Recupel with my question about batteries?

For questions regarding the processing of batteries, we recommend you to contact the company Bebat.

3.3   I forgot my password, what to do?

In the LOGIN button, choose the option "forgot your password?" under OPERATIONS. You can reset your password using your user name. If you don't know what your username is? Then click on 'Forgot user name' and enter your e-mail address. You will receive your username and password via e-mail and you can use it to log in. 

3.4   What are the collection conditions for a transport request?

If you want to consult the collection conditions, you can find them on this web page.

3.5   How much does a collection cost?

Recupel organises the collection of your filled receptacles (box pallet, cardboard, bulb box, etc.) free of charge.

3.6   How can I register as a collection point?

If you want to registrater as collection point at Recupel, we ask you to click on the following web page.
Register here with your Belgian VAT number.
You will then receive a password and a username with which you can log into the logistics application to register a transport request.

3.7   When will my collection request be executed?

The transport company has a period of 3 working days to carry out a collection request. 

3.8   My appliance is still working, how can I give it a second life?

Re-usable electronic appliances can be entrusted to a re-use shop. Please contact the re-use shop in your neighbourhood.
The goods can either be brought to the re-use shops or their teams will collect these goods at home on request.
From that moment, each product group follows its own path through the re-use shop. Eventually, after possible repair, it can be sold at a reduced price via the re-use shop.
Appliances that cannot be repaired and therefore can no longer be sold are processed in an environmentally friendly way in cooperation with Recupel. You can find a re-use shop in your neighbourhood by entering your postcode in the second column at: https://www.recupel.be/en/where-to-go/# Then click on" search for a re-use shop" and you will be redirected to a map where you can find all the re-use shops in your area.

3.9   When is my box pallet full?

A collection can be requested when your receptacles is filled for at least 80%.

3.10   I forgot my password, what to do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one via our logistics application. At the top of the web page www.recupel.be, choose the LOGIN option.

3.11   How can I register a transport request?

"At the home page of the website be choose "LOGIN" at the top.
Then click on "login" under "Operations".
In the menu, select "Request a WEEE transport".
Then fill in the screen below based on 8 steps
Step 1 : check your address
Step 2 : Uncheck the moment when the driver can't come (Note: unchecking days can extend the collection period).
Step 3 : Fill in "Number of pickups".
Step 4 : automatically the same number appears at "Number of deliveries" (with the exception of pick-up per piece).
Step 5 : You can change the number of "number of deliveries" but then you have to enter the reason under "Extra information".
Step 6 : You can still add information for the transport company (e.g. when collecting ask for person X, pick up at port X, call in advance at number X...).
Step 7 : Click on "Send". You can ignore the 'warnings'.
Step 8 : You continue until you see a transport number on the screen. As a contact person, you will also receive an email with a transport number confirming your request.

3.12   Will my appliances also be picked up at home?

Recupel does not collect appliances at home. Private individuals can bring their discarded electrical appliances to: the container park/ the re-use shop/ recycle point/ a store when purchasing similar new appliances (take-back obligation by the seller). You can also find a collection point for discarded electr(on)ical appliances and/or light bulbs by entering your postal code on this page: https://www.recupel.be/en/where-to-go/#. You will then be redirected to a map showing all the collection points in your area.

3.13   My collection furniture is damaged, what should I do?

In case of any damage, please contact Recupel on 0800/11 539. The collection point must ensure that the receptacles are used with the necessary care. Recupel can claim a compensation in the case of loss or damage. 

3.14   How much does a collection unit cost?

The containers for storing electrical appliances and light bulbs (boxes, box pallets, bulb box/boxes and containers) are the possession of Recupel. Recupel makes them available free of charge. The collection point must ensure that they are stored in a dry place without rainfall.

3.15   Is there a minimum number of collections linked to the use of a box pallet?

Box pallets for the collection of WEEE must be filled and collected once every 3 months or 4 times a year.  If this volume can't be reached, Recupel proposes for one-time collection (once a year). 

3.16   How do I request a collection for the RecyclePoint?

If you have a RecylePoint for small electrical appliances and/or light bulbs, you are registered to Recupel as a collection point. When the unit is fully loaded, you can request a collection. Therefore you're asked to call 0800/15 880 or send an e-mail to vol@recupel.be. Be sure to mention your address and the fraction (electrical appliances, light bulbs or fluorescent tubes) involved.

3.17   Does Recupel issue a certificate for the processing of WEEE?

The certificate for the processing of material can only be issued by a recognised processor, which has proceeded to the dismantling. 

It is not up to Recupel to issue this document.

Recupel can, however, confirm in a letter that all environmental regulations are strictly complied with in the recycling of WEEE. 

The collection points registered with Recupel, which submit a transport request will receive a pick-up form that confirms that appliances were taken back. 
This pick-up form will be handed over by the transporter at the time of pick-up. 
Recupel can also confirm this pick-up through its computer system, once the transporter has confirmed the pick-up. 

The authorities accept that the pick-up forms signed by the transporter are kept by the collection point and are recorded in the waste material log as proof of removal and processing of WEEE.