4.1   Who can order the RecyclePoint?

The RecyclePoint exists for retail spaces and other public accessible places where consumers/customers/visitors/etc. can store their old electro and lamps.


Do you want to be a RecyclePoint? Click here and follow the instructions.

4.2   What are the costs associated with the RecyclePoint?

The order, delivery and collection are completely free. There are therefore no costs involved.

4.3   How many fractions of the RecyclePoint are there?

There excists 3 units: One for small elecronics, one for light bulbs, and one for tube lamps.

4.4   How is the Recycle Point collected?

The collection must be requested: by telephone via 0800/15 880 or by e-mail via Please always clearly state the address and the fractions. The collection can be requested from a filling rate of 80%. The collection will be carried out within 2 working days after request. Requesting a collection for batteries can be done via Bebat via or the free number 0800/97 521.

4.5   I currently have a module for lamps, how can I order the other modules?

You can do this by simply calling 0800/11 539 or by asking the question via the contact form on our website.

4.6   My modules are worn or broken, can I get new ones?

When a module is broken or worn, we will of course take care of the repair or replacement. A replacement is only possible if the module can no longer be repaired. Please send us a picture of the module in its current state via the contact form so that we can assess the damage.

4.7   I have appliances that do not fit in the RecyclePoint, what do I do?

appliances larger than 25x25 cm should be discarded via our other channels. With these appliances you can always go to the recycling parc in your neighbourhood.
If as a retailer you regularly receive large appliances, you can become a free collection point of Recupel or make use of the one time collection (from 1m³).
For more information about these solutions, please call the 0800/11 539.

4.8   Which appliances can be discarded at the RecyclePoint?

Our RecyclePoints are provided for small electro which is no larger than 25x25 cm. Besides small electro, there are also units available for light bulbs and fluorescent tubes (three possible fractions in total). It is intended for small appliances difficult to collect and often wrongfully disposed in the residual waste.
Bebat also has a unit for batteries. Please contact Bebat for more information.